Professional custom voice-overs for telephone answering machines, IVR, on hold messages, voicemail greetings


Professional custom voice tracks for telephone answering machines, voicemail, on-hold messages and more.

Cost-effective professional custom voice tracks

Low cost - high quality. The eVoiceovers differenceVoice-overs from £8.33 ex. VAT

Your voice-overs are delivered to you speedily via the internet as WAV, MP3 and other audio file formats (download from this site or via email attachment) including CCITT u-Law (G771a) for switchboards or IVR.

Get the professional edge with custom answerphone messages, on-hold messages and voice-over voice tracks for any application.

Voice-overs - a variety of uses
Ben Baxter is a professional UK voice-over artist specialising in cost-effective voiceovers for:

Telephone answering machine outgoing messages -- giving your company a professional image from your customer's first point of contact - your answerphone greeting. Cost effective branding that gives your company the professional edge.
Also ideal for virtual offices and telephone answering services.

On-hold messages -- why record messages with background office noise giving an unprofessional company image? Use it as a calming tool to raise awareness of other products or services that your company provides. Highly effective yet low cost, proved to reduce caller abandonment whilst increasing your company image and your customer's awareness of your products and services.

Voice prompts -- to assist a caller to efficiently locate the most relevant department within your company. Professionally recorded, it presents callers with an image of an organised company office structure.

Information messages -- to provide callers with information such as opening times, directions, special events or offers.

Premium rate telephone lines -- such as prize lines or information services to provide recorded information to callers.

Online product videos -- filmed yourself on a digital camera or captured from camcorder and edited in Windows Movie Maker for your company website or CD ROMs, my voice can be used as a narration, describing, explaining and selling what your customers are watching.

Safety announcements -- at theme parks, heritage centres, exhibitions, shops/supermarkets, in factories/warehouses/workshops, or as part of fire/security/alarm systems

...and much more!

Prefessionally recorded voice tracks immediately increase the perceived value of your company, product or website for a low cost.
Your voice-overs can be delivered to you speedily via the internet as MP3 or WAV audio files (download from this site or via email attachment). See the 'Rates' section for details.

As heard on:
Mix 102.3, Adeleide
Sands FM, Gran Canaria
Atlantis FM, Lanzarote
Ocean FM, UK
107 Oak FM, UK
Centre FM, UK
Q96FM, Scotland
BIRSt online radio
Magic 1170, UK
Radio Glamorgan, Wales
Carat International podcast
Telephone lines around the country
Retail chains around the UK
AV presentations across Europe
Websites all over the world

Customer comments:

"We are delighted with the recording you produced and promise to use you again. Thanks for the fast turn-around and welcoming recording - the answer-phone message is simply superb."
- Sky Design

"You've done a very good job and I'm very pleased with your response, time, price, quality - everything is perfect."
- Montgomery Kingston

"Thanks Ben - great service and speed again."
- Technical Assist, Lancashire

"The tracks all work fine and sound excellent. It certainly gives our business a professional image and provides our customers with a very good first impression. Thanks again for all your help; I’ve no doubt we’ll be in touch again in the future with more work for you."

"Just downloaded and listened to the file, it’s just what was required, thanks very much! We’ll certainly be using you again"
- DFL, Manchester

"It sounded brilliant, and downloaded fast. I think the voice overs are fantastic! I will not hestiate in telling others about your services. Thanks once again for a truly professional service, at good value for the smaller company."
- 118 500 Directory

"Your voice is fantastic and my dental website has been a REAL success, people love to hear your voice on the happy smile uk website, as it makes visitors feel welcome...I am getting excellent feedback"
- Happy Smile UK

"Thanks for the mp3s. They were great. We have got the ad finished, and hopefully it should be on air in the next week or two. We really appreciated the fast turnaround, and will bear you in mind if we require any more done. Thanks again for the prompt and professional treatment of our work. Truly amazing."
- Ann MacMillan
  MacMillan School of Music and Drama

"Thank you so much I am very impressed. You certainly have an excellent voice."
- Let's Play Photography

"I am very pleased with the result and hope to do business with you again in the future."
- The Outdoor Barn

"Absolutely great, very professional – I am delighted"
- Cardz Unique

"Fantastic quality....just what I needed for my website. I WILL be using your services again very soon."
- Raven VOIP

"Just wanted to say thanks for the voiceover you did for me, it’s just what we needed and I’ll be sure to keep you in mind for anything else which might come up."
- Ask4

"Thanks for a great voiceover, done in record time. The video was shown a few days later to 400 people and it was a great success."
- Jonathan Greenwood

Online Voice Samples

Style: British, 20-30, clear, professional, approachable, natural,
warm & friendly.

All material is copyright Ben Baxter, all rights reserved.
Material may not be broadcast in whole or part without prior written consent.

Voicemail greetings, answerphone messages, IVR, prompts, on-hold
BBC 1 Television trail eg
Radio station liners

Your custom voice tracks can be supplied as MP3 or WAV files.

Rates & Formats

Purchasing using the shopping cart assumes delivery of audio via MP3/WAV/CCITT file via internet/email. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

Use the buttons below to place your order online then checkout with your credit or debit card via our secure ordering facility.
Prices include UK VAT @20%.

up to 25 words voice track
e.g. brief voicemail greeting
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up to 30 second voice-over
e.g. answerphone message, on-hold message, etc.
Add to basket
up to 45 second voice-over
e.g. switchboard greeting / menu, on-hold message, etc.
Add to basket
up to 60 second voice-over
e.g. on-hold message, information delivery, longer message with opening hours, etc.
Add to basket
up to 2 minute voice-over
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A4 page read
one audio file, text on page double line spaced, normal page margins
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Other custom projects...
...such as numerous voice prompts, etc. -
please enquire.
If you need to make a payment for a custom job, -
please enquire.

After adding as many tracks as you need, you can View order to pay online

As a guide for when you write your script, I deliver at a rate of approx. 3 words per second.

N.B. The prices above are for your voice track downloaded as an audio file via the internet.
All voice tracks are 'dry' (add your own SFX or music).

Purchase Add-ons to your order

Mixing of voice track(s) with a music track of your choice (sent to us via email)
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The ordering process:

1. Place your order above 2. Email the script to be recorded 3. Receive your custom voice track audio file

Media / File Formats Available:

Format Description
MP3 Audio file downloaded via the client area on this web site or sent to you as an email attachment (standard method, included in price).
WAV Uncompressed audio file for quick and easy opening in sound editing programs. 44.1kHz, 16 bit. Large file size.
CCITT uLaw CCITT uLaw, 8kHz, 8 bit, mono is a format sometimes specified by your PBX, switchboard, voicemail or telephone system hardware. It's best described as 'telephone quality', but it works for this application and is no problem - included in the price above.
PCM 8kHz For use directly on phone systems - the voice tracks can be 'uploaded' directly to your phone system for greetings and on-hold messages. Audio is recorded at the sample rate you specify - either 8kHz or 6kHz, in 16bit, as a Windows PCM WAV file (.wav) or a PCM raw data file (.pcm). Please note, this format gives a lower audio quality.
Online audio file We supply you with the audio file as well as HTML code to insert your custom audio greeting or narration on your website. It downloads super-fast and requires no special software. We offer this service for any sound files you require on your website.
AIFF Uncompressed audio file for quick and easy opening in sound editing programs. Large file size.


PLEASE READ: We provide you with the recorded voice track - if it is an answerphone greeting, we do not record it onto your answerphone for you - this part is up to you!

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How much do you charge to record a voice-over?

If your script is 25 words or less, it would be a 25 word read.

More than 25 words?
Read it out loud, clearly, and at a suitable pace you'd be happy with and time yourself...
If it's 30 seconds or less, it will be a 30 second read.
If it's 45 seconds or less, it will be a 45 second read.
If it's 60 seconds or less, it will be a 60 second read.
If the text fits on an A4 page when double spaced, it is a double spaced A4 page read.
More? Contact us for a quotation.

Do you record directly onto my voice mail / answering machine?

We can provide the audio track(s) in formats for your PABX switchboard system (CCITT or PCM WAV) for direct 'uploading'. But for domestic systems or mobile phones, we just provide you with the high quality audio track. It is up to you to record it onto your machine or voicemail service.

How do I record the voice track you send me onto my voice mail / answering machine?

If you have an advanced PABX switchboard / phone system which allows uploading of CCITT or PCM WAV files (or indeed PC based answerphone software), you can upload the file directly. If you haven't heard of this, then your answerphone will probably just have an in-built microphone up to which you can direct a speaker to play the audio we send, or hold your phone handset up to a speaker. Each one is different. Experimentation may be required to get the best sound.

How long will it take for you to send me the voice track?

It can be anything from 12 hours to a week, depending on how busy the studio is. Normally, simple reads are done within 24 - 48 hours, but music mixes do take longer. See the question below!

Why are you so cheap?

We are effectively an "outlet store" of voice-overs ... a great place to get professional custom voice tracks at a fraction of the price they would cost you anywhere else.

Buying voice tracks from us is not unlike buying a plane ticket online. You’ll save money, but you won’t have a salesperson to help you. That’s just one of the reasons why we can sell custom voice tracks for a really low price. Here’s another.

There’s an old saying; ‘You can get it good, cheap or fast’....pick any two. With eVoiceovers, you get them ‘good and cheap’...but not necessarily fast. It may take up to 7 days to receive your produced voice tracks depending on studio demand.

All voice tracks are produced in our state-of-the-art soho studios.

But when you do most of the legwork and allow us more flexibility in scheduling your session, you can save a bundle.

If you need your voice tracks "fast and good", email us (you will be charged extra for a faster service). If you need "cheap and fast" well, sorry...we can’t help you there!

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